Short film, 2018, Germany, 16 min.
Director: Krešimir Knezović
Cast: Jakob Graf, Vivi Gutheinz, Alexandra Jabri



Christian is up to a short visit to his sister Jacky and niece Trixie on her 13. birthday. He soon notices, that both of them aren't in a good mood. Christian guesses, that Jacky's boyfriend Danny is responsible for the apparent situation. He tries to convince his sister to leave Danny finally, because in his opinion, Danny is not a good role model for Trixie and isn't treating Jacky well. But she doesn't want to hear this and ask him to leave. Suddenly Danny comes unexpected home. Situation is getting worse, both have their own shady past.



Country: Germany
Genre: drama
Year: 2018
Duration: 16 min.
Written and Directed by: Krešimir Knezović
Producer: Claudio Li Ranzi
Cast: Jakob Graf, Vivi Gutheinz, Alexandra Jabri



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