Documentary film, 2019, Germany, 20 min.
Director: Stephan Bernardes



Wolfgang cannot imagine a world without video stores. Ever since he was a child they have been places of community and discovery. Today he is the owner of Silvias Videoladen, his very own store.

Even though the business of renting films has been steadily shrinking for years, Wolfgang doesn’t mind the writing on the wall. In his store, everything looks like it did when he began to work there, with old humming lights and labyrinthic paths.

However, his efforts alone cannot stop the sands of time. It has been a while since he has been able to afford helping hands at the store. Even major film distributors cannot be relied upon to deliver the posters Wolfgang would use to advertise their own films. Seemingly undisturbed by the dire situation, he still shows up every day and welcomes everyone who finds their way to him with a jaunty smile.

Wolfgang’s optimism seems unbroken, much like the love towards cinema that he shares with his clients. Some of them have become friends over the years and others even drive over ten miles to rent the newest releases from him.

And even if in the end it’s not enough, Wolfgang will be there.



Country: Germany
Genre: Documentary film
Year: 2019
Duration: 20 min.
Director: Stephan Bernardes
Writer: Stephan Bernardes, Jordanis Papadopoulos
Producer: Jordanis Papadopoulos



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