Feature films on DFF 2018

A brief summary of the feature films that you're about to see at DFF 2018.

As we said previously, third edition of DFF will offer its richest and most extensive film program so far. The festival is going to show 12 feature films, among them 11 Croatian premieres. Here's a short review of films that you're about to see from August 20 to September 1 in four cities: Sutivan, Pirovac, Omiš and Split

The Place     Animals
   The Place      Animals

The first festival dates in Sutivan are going to offer three excellent feature films: "The Place" by Paolo Genovese, "Animals" by Greg Zlinski and "The Invisible Guest" by Oriol Paulo. You can read more about these films in the previous news article about festival program in Sutivan, with note that our audience in Pirovac and Omiš will also have the opportunity to see them.

The Invisible Guest     American Fable
   The Invisible Guest      American Fable

Next, we highly recommend the feature debut from director Anne Hamilton, "American Fable". Set amidst the expansive farmlands of the American Midwest, this visually stunning drama with elements of thriller and fantasy tells a story about 11-year old girl who makes a startling discovery on her family's farm. A discovery that will turn her world upside down.

Holiday Makers     After Hours Trading
   Holiday Makers      After Hours Trading

Two very enjoyable films that will offer plenty of laughs and entertainment are charming Bulgarian comedy "Holiday Makers" and hilarious indie comedy/thriller "After Hours Trading". "Holiday Makers" was a big domestic hit, and it's surely going to be a big hit with our audience too. "After Hours Trading" will remind some viewers of the early films of Kevin Smith or Coen brothers, but it's a great and original work that expertly mixes humor with some very serious themes and issues.

Comic Sans     Comic Sans
   Comic Sans     

Croatian cinematography will be represented by "Comic Sans", written and directed by Nevio Marasović. It is one of the most acclaimed and best reviewed Croatian films of the recent times, and it will be our pleasure to screen it once more, for all who missed it, or would like to see it again. The film will be screened with english subtitles.

Behind the Blue Door     Behind the Blue Door
   Behind the Blue Door     

Especially reccomended for kids, youth and whole family is Polish film "Behind the Blue Door (Za niebieskimi drzwiami)". This imaginative and spectacular story with fantasy and fairy-tale elements (and a little bit of horror) is the most successful and awarded Polish movie for young viewers

Lemonade     Blue My Mind
   Lemonade        Blue My Mind

During last days of August, DFF in Split will show the Croatian premiere of Romanian film "Lemonade", one of the most acclaimed and talked about European films of the current year. Another film that shouldn't be missed is daring and fascinating debut by Swiss writer/director Lisa Brühlmann „Blue My Mind“.
Audience in Split will also see "Last Christmas", a delightful Italian comedy/drama with surreal and grotesque elements, and "Apricot Groves" - an acclaimed and awarded Armenian drama about cultural and religious barriers, filled with hidden tension that will resolve itself in the surprising final minutes of the film.

Last Christmas     Apricot Groves
   Last Christmas        Apricot Grove

We plan various additional surprises, especially for the visitors in Split, where our festival will take place in two different locations: the popular cinema hall "Zlatna vrata" and another outdoor location that will be announced soon.

Our program of shorts, documentaries and tourism and travel films is just as rich and diverse. We'll say more about those festival categories next time.


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