Dokumentarni film, 2020, Irak, 15 min.
Redatelj: Jaafar Muraad



The story of Iraqi victims who were tortured and humiliated by the Saddam Hussein regime because they refused to fight in the first Gulf War and their struggle for fair recognition. After the first Gulf war and the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, the Iraqi Dictator, Saddam Hussein, eventually regained control of Iraq. He issued the Order NO. 115 to capture and punish all Iraqis who had refused to fight due to their opposition to the policy of the regime.

Across Iraq in excess of 5000 were arrested. In Basrah City more than 450 people were captured and cruelly punished. The punishment was to have one or both ears cut off or disfigured. In many cases the humiliation of being branded as cowards with scars to the forehead. This was followed by imprisonment under very cruel conditions with no medical treatment.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein these victims suffered the indignity and humiliation of being regarded as cowards because of the brand on the forehead and they felt that their disfigured ears would be seen as a sign of disgrace. They tried, with the Political Prisoners Foundation in Basrah City, to have their status recognised as having been subjected to political imprisonment by the previous regime. Their efforts were met with negativity and indifference by the authorities including the Local of Human Rights organization. They then took their case to the head office of the Foundation in Baghdad, but without any success.

This short documentary follows their story and reveals the conclusion of their struggle to escape the Stigma.



Država: Irak
Žanr: Dokumentarni
Godina: 2020
Trajanje: 15 min.
Redatelj i scenarist: Jaafar Muraad
Producent: Gez Wenham



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